About Native Bread

I discovered I had a gluten sensitivity back in 2015. I had just finished a 30 day elimination diet in which I also eliminated gluten and was feeling pretty great. At the end of it I decided to treat myself to pizza. The morning I woke up after indulging in glutenous pizza I felt and looked miserable! My face and eyes were puffy and swollen and my hands and joints felt achy. That's when it occurred to me that gluten was the culprit. I decided then and there to no longer include gluten in my diet and I have felt so much better ever since!


However, I had a big problem - I LOVE bread! Not just any bread though; I love artisan, rustic, nutrient dense bread - bread that has texture, and chew and rich flavor. I looked around a farmers' market one Saturday and it saddened me to realize that Indianapolis did not have a gluten-free bakery that specialized in artisan breads. The seed was planted and I decided to solve this problem and fill this need.


I got to work doing research, studying, testing and developing recipes. I would give away loaves of bread to my family and friends for feedback and the response I got from everyone was so overwhelmingly positive! I took the leap and decided to start selling them to the public. I was offered the use of a small commercial kitchen to get started in and I'm so thrilled to say that since we launched in April 2016 we've continued to expand and grow beyond that small kitchen and Indianapolis.  

I am thrilled and proud to get the opportunity to offer nutrient dense, allergen free, artisan breads that everyone can enjoy! Welcome back to bread.

with Love,



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Hayley McGinley | Founder + Recipe Developer

Hayley is the creator and visionary of Native Bread! As a child, Hayley never dreamed or even considered owning a business one day. That all changed in April 2016 when she decided to launch Native Bread. She is so glad she did and can not imagine doing anything else! Hayley is happiest when she's creating and playing in the kitchen. In her free time, she loves to explore the outdoors, travel, listen to podcasts, and sip on hot herbal teas while spending time with family and friends. 


Elizabeth Kendrat | Assistant Manager + Baker

Liz never thought she would be working at a bakery but here she is and she really enjoys it! She’s especially grateful to have a job that doesn’t keep her in front of a computer all day. She loves her ultra-dramatic nieces, any outdoor activity, sudoku, and her small dog Bella Jean.

Isabel Ramsey | Assistant Baker + Official Photographer

Isabel is a recent graduate from Falmouth University in the UK who majored in Marine & Natural History Photography. Over the years she has developed a love and passion for the conservation of our environment, being a vegan foodie & traveling! Isabel enjoys always learning new things and going on far away adventures while also hanging close to home with friends and family, and last but not least, being in the kitchen! Recently she has been broadening her horizons by taking up food photography which she has great joy doing!


Not pictured are our incredible farmer's market helpers. It really does take a village and we couldn't do this without each and every one of our fabulous team members. <3