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About Native Bread

I discovered I had a gluten sensitivity back in 2015. I had just finished a 30 day elimination diet in which I also eliminated gluten and was feeling pretty great. At the end of it I decided to treat myself to pizza. The morning I woke up after indulging in glutenous pizza I felt and looked miserable! My face and eyes were puffy and swollen and my hands and joints felt achy. That's when it occurred to me that gluten was the culprit. I decided then and there to no longer include gluten in my diet and I have felt so much better ever since!


However, I had a big problem - I LOVE bread! Not just any bread though; I love artisan, rustic, nutrient dense bread - bread that has texture, and chew and rich flavor. I looked around a farmer's market one Saturday and it saddened me to realize that Indianapolis did not have a gluten-free bakery that specialized in artisan breads. The seed was planted and I decided to solve this problem and fill this need.


I got to work doing research, studying, testing and developing recipes. I would give away loaves of bread to my family and friends for feedback and the response I got from everyone was so overwhelmingly positive! I took the leap and decided to start selling them to the public. I was offered the use of a small commercial kitchen to get started in and I'm so thrilled to say that since we launched in April 2016 we've continued to expand and grow beyond that small kitchen and Indianapolis.  

I am thrilled and proud to get the opportunity to offer nutrient-dense, allergen-free, artisan bread and pastries that everyone can enjoy! Welcome back to bread.

with Love,

Hayley, Founder


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